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When it Comes to Families, Peggy Lucas Knows Where Her Priorities Are.

When you are born the youngest of seven children, your life is bound to be different from most people. By virtue of your position on the family totem pole, you are subject to all the joys and obstacles of sibling rivalry. Though you might be overshadowed at times, you might also be spoiled with love from such a large family.

Peggy Lucas was that youngest sister who was fortunate to have four older sisters and two older brothers who, with the example of two wonderful parents, taught her the meaning of love and the importance of a close family. Playing at home or doing chores, togetherness was ever-present. “I had a great childhood,” Peggy says. “We made our own fun. And as if seven children weren’t enough, the neighborhood kids always gravitated to our house as well.”

Having so many children around contributed to Peggy’s outgoing nature and made her very at-ease with people from the time she was young. “My mother used to say that I never met a stranger,” Peggy says. “I think that still holds true.”

An Example to Live By

Her parents showed her the value of hard work and that is a principle she has carried with her for years. “I learned that no matter what the job was you always give it 100% or you might as well stay home,” Peggy says. She demonstrated her work ethic by working her way through college and achieving double degrees in the process. After school, she attended the Police Academy and became a police officer and later a police detective who investigated child abuse cases.

Peggy’s husband, David, is a retired police officer for the city of Hoover. For the first nine years of their marriage they both worked for the Birmingham Police Department. Although she loved working as a detective and helping children and families, after having two sons of her own, Peggy decided that it would be best for her family for her to pursue another career. “My family comes first,” Peggy says. “I make sure that every decision I make is always in their best interests.”

It’s an attitude that is reflected every day in her work. As one of Hoover’s leading Realtors,® Peggy puts families first. “Coming from a large family, I realize perhaps more than many how the process of buying or selling a home can affect people’s lives,” she says. “That’s why I dedicate myself to working hard to ensure that every phase goes as smoothly as possible.” She makes that happen with a sharp focus on what matters most — achieving her clients’ goals.

She Never Met a Stranger

From the moment you meet Peggy, she is your friend. That’s the trait her mother first noticed when Peggy was a child and today, that shining quality helps people feel comfortable with her right away. “When people are relaxed, it’s easier to get to know them and find out what their dreams really are,” she says. “Once I know that, I can take the necessary steps to make their dreams reality.”

Maximum Effort

As effortless as Peggy may make it seem at times, her ability to work hard and negotiate the best results is the talent that is earning her a reputation as a premier real estate professional. She and David, co-owners of Lucas & Associates, truly bring a sense of family to their business.

Families all over Hoover are turning to Peggy because they know she has her priorities in line with theirs. Peggy Lucas is Putting Families First!



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